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  Annual Day Function
  Ciron Fiesta 2016

As the day of 22nd December 2016 dawned over Ciron, there was palpable excitement in the air.

  • Quick ten-minute meetings were happening at all available conference rooms
  • Colleagues crunched lunchtimes to make time for something bigger
  • Conversations in everyone’s mind focused on one topic – TOMORROW
As the day drew to a close, the excitement reached fever pitch and the enthusiasm became infectious.

And why not? 23rd December would usher in the very first Annual Day of Ciron – Ciron Fiesta 2016.

On the dot at 2.30 pm, on 23rd December 2016, Ciron Fiesta 2016 was kicked-off at Tarapur, in the presence of a packed audience comprising of colleagues from Ciron HO, Plant 1 (Tarapur) and Plant 2 (Palghar) and our respected directors along with their family.

You Don’t Need a Reason to Celebrate
While this is a cliché and perhaps true, Ciron did have several reasons to celebrate.

  • Ciron Group completes 25 years in business
  • It’s our founder & Chairman Mr. R.T Shah’s 75th birthday – a milestone!
  • We are inching closer towards completion of our third facility – a new sterile facility targeted towards regulated markets
  • And last, but not the least, Ciron was celebrating being together as a team and reaching greater heights

Performance Rewarded

Ciron Fiesta 2016 started with recognizing the outstanding performers in Ciron.

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