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Active Pharmacutical Ingradiants
Active Pharmacutical Ingradiants
Site Transfer & Contract Manufacturing
Technology Transfer and Manufacturing
In-licensing and Out-licensing
Contract Development / Co-development and Manufacturing
  Why New Plant for Sterile Formulations:
  • To cater to your regulated market requirements with the best products using highly
          automated machinery with 21 CFR compliance.
  • To give you the benefit of our  core competency in manufacturing of sterile products-
          injectables, lyophillised products, opthalmic preparations.
  • To meet your requirements for regulated markets offering you economical prices and best

  • Know More about our Plant
  • State of Art facilities with high automation in manufacturing, filling, lyophilisation,
          inspection and packing.
  • Vial line with speed of 300 vials per minute
  • latest Lyophilisers with high capacity of 400 ice capacity or 20 m2 and 2 units each with
          Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for uninterrupted loading and unloading of lyophillised
  • Ampoule line with speed of 550 ampoules per minute
  • Eye drop line with speed of 100 units per minute
  • Fully automated Manufacturing lines with 21CFR compliance.
  • Automated Sterilisation equipments with 21 CFR compliance.
  • Automated inspection and packing Lines
  • High quality HPL clean room Partitions
  • S S Air handling units as per classification required with VFD Screw chillers and BMS.
  • Dynamic passboxes.
  • LED Lights
  • State of Art fully equipped Microbiology and Sterility Department.
  • Walk in Stability Chambers with PLC control and 21 CFR compliance.
  • Fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory with data integrity compliance.
  • Fully Automated Purified water and Multicolumn Distillation and Pure Steam Generator
          with high output and data integrity compliance.
  • Screw technology non lubricated air compressors.
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Fire Hydrant Systems with Alarms and Safety features

  • Product Range
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors
  • Anesthetic Products and Muscle Relaxants
  • Antifungals
  • Antibiotics
  • Niche and Orphan Products.
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