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Eye & Ear Drops
  Liquids Syrups :
  Available as high quality syrups, suspensions and solutions, as expectorants, antacids, anti-diarrhoeals, antibiotics, tonics and vitamin supplements.
Albazol ( Albendazole Suspension)
 Each 5ml contains :
 Â Albendazole I.P.  200 mg
Amodiaquine Suspension
 Each 5ml contains :
 Amodiaquine Hydrochloride 
 Eq.To. Amodiaquine
B.P.  50 mg
Anmol (Paracetamol Syrup)
 Each 5ml contains :
B.P.  125 mg
Antaxid MPS Forte
 Each 5ml contains :
I.P.  50 mg
 Magnesium Hydroxide
B.P.  250 mg
 Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel I.P.  250 mg
Bicosons( Vitamin B- Complex Syrup)
 Each 5ml contains :
 Vitamin B1
B.P.  2 mg
 Vitamin B2
B.P.  1 mg
 Vitamin B6 B.P.  0.5 mg
 Niacinamide B.P.  15 mg
 Dexpanthenol B.P.  2.5 mg
Bromhexine Syrup
 Each 5ml contains :
 Bromhexine Hydrochloride
B.P.  4 mg
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