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Eye & Ear Drops
  Liquids Syrups :
  Available as high quality syrups, suspensions and solutions, as expectorants, antacids, anti-diarrhoeals, antibiotics, tonics and vitamin supplements.
Cororange Plus Syrup
 Each 5ml contains :
 Iron (III) polymaltose    32 mg
 Equivalent to elemental iron    5 mcg
 Cyanoconalamine B.P.  0.5 mg
 Folic Acid B.P.  
 Each 5ml contains :
 Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride (anhydrous) I.P.  2 mg
 Flavoured syrupy base    q.s.
Kofex Paediatric Syrup
 Each 5ml contains :
 Diphenhydramine HCl B.P.  7 mg
 Ammonium Chloride B.P.  67.50 mg
 Sodium Citrate B.P.  28.50 mg
 Menthol B.P.  0.55 mg
 Kofex Syrup
 Each 5ml contains :
 Diphenhydramine HCl B.P.  14 mg
 Ammonium Chloride B.P.  135 mg
 Menthol B.P.  1.1 mg
Ibu Para Suspension
 Each 5ml contains :
B.P.  162.5 mg
B.P.  100 mg
Mebendazole Oral Suspension
 Each 5ml contains :
USP  100 mg
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