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Eye & Ear Drops
  Tablets & Caplets :
  Gentamycin, Chloramphenicol, Ciprofloxacin and many more available in glass vials as well as in sterilized plastic bottles with effective, attractive packaging.
 Each Tablet Contains :
 Albendazole I.P.  200 mg
Amlodipina Tabletas
 Each Tablet Contains :
 Amlodipina besilato
 eq. to amlodipina
B.P.  5 mg
Cirovir 200
 Composition :
 Each uncoated tablet contains:
 Aciclovir B.P.  200 mg
Carbamazepina Tabletas B.P.
 Each Tablet Contains :
B.P.  200 mg
Complejo B Tabletas
 Â Each Tablet Contains :
 Tiamina    1 mg
 Hidroclorihidrica B.P.  1 mg
 Riboflavina Piridoxina
B.P.  0.5 mg
 Hidroclorihidrica B.P.  2 mg
 Pantonato de B.P.  10 mg
 Calcio B.P.  
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