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External / Liquid Oral Manufacturing Facility : Organized Pharma Liquid Manufacturing Sector

We are happy to inform you about our Liquid Oral and Ointment Contract Manufacturing facilities at our WHO GMP Plant at Palghar.

Partner with Ciron and take advantage of our liquid oral and ointment manufacturing facilities for your benefit.

Why Ciron for Liquid Oral Manufacturing

  Processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  Fully automated liquid oral line from manufacturing to filling and packing (2 lines).
  We can manufacture up to 50,000 bottles (volume between 30 ml and 200 ml) in one shift.
  With 2 shifts per day, we can produce a staggering 100,000 bottles in a day.

Why Ciron for Ointment Manufacturing

  Processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  Fully automated, untouched ointment manufacturing vessel of 1000 kgs and IMA-PG filling line, weight checker, collating MC with speed of
    150 tubes per minute.
  Manufacturing ability of 60,000 tubes per shift and 1,20,000 tubes per day.
  Aluminium and Laminated tubes production capability, in the range 5gm to 50gm.

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