If you have a need for a unique product, CIRON R&D will develop it for you.
Our Unique R&D Strengths:

  Top notch, highly qualified team with burning desire for new product development
  State of the art equipment and best resources
  Ability to turn around products in minimal time frame

On Going R&D

We believe in development of life through research
For CIRON, Research and Development have always been a major component. Spectrums of research are carried out in CIRON, ranging from development of new applications for existing products to upgrading formulation efficiency and improving drug delivery systems. Our independent Research and Development department staffed by well-qualified chemists are involved in a range of research efforts.
Microbiological Laboratory
CIRON has a Microbiological Laboratory, outfitted and well equipped with the current and high-tech facilities, to
  Conduct routine and in-depth microbiological testing
  Establish product protocols and
  Validate sterilization processes.
In-depth tests are performed to assess raw materials, bulk and finished formulations. In addition, there is on-going microbiological monitoring of working procedures in process areas and microbiological analysis on products.

Research and Development Laboratory developed by CIRON will further explore promising opportunities for medical advances. The new laboratory's service will also be extended to offer research on a contract basis.

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