Highly Advanced State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

State of Art Plant for Regulated Market

Why New Plant for Sterile Formulations ?

  To comply with USFDA / EU GMP / ICH & PIC/S Guidelines
   To focus on our core competency in sterile formulation manufacturing - Liquid
     Injections, Lyophilized Injections & ophthalmic preparations
  To ensure highest quality of medicines with ultra-modern, automated equipments.

Key features of our new facility

  State of Art facilities with high automation in manufacturing, filling, lyophilization, inspection and packing
  Vial line with speed of 300 vials per minute.
  Latest Lyophilizes with high capacity: 400 ice capacity or 20 m2 and 2 units each with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for uninterrupted loading
    and unloading of lyophilized vials
  Ampoule line with speed of 550 ampoules per minute
  Eye drop line with speed of 100 units per minute
  Fully automated Manufacturing lines with 21 CFR compliance.
  Automated Sterilization equipments with 21 CFR compliance.
  Automated inspection and packing Lines
  Automated inspection and packing Lines
  High quality HPL clean room Partitions
  S S Air handling units as per classification required with VFD Screw chillers and BMS.
  Dynamic pass boxes.
  State of Art fully equipped Microbiology and Sterility Department
  Walk in Stability Chambers with PLC control and 21 CFR compliance.
  Fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory with data integrity compliance.
  Fully Automated Purified water and Multicolumn Distillation and Pure Steam Generator with high output and data integrity compliance.
  Screw technology non lubricated air-compressors.
  Rain Water Harvesting.
  Fire Hydrant Systems with Alarms and Safety features.

Product Range

  Proton Pump Inhibitors
  Anesthetic Products and Muscle Relaxants
  Niche and Orphan Products.

Our Services for Regulated Markets

  Site Transfer & Contract Manufacturing
  Technology Transfer and Manufacturing
  In-licensing and Out-licensing
  Contract Development / Co-development and Manufacturing

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