Committed to Excellence in Health Care

We work with current Quality Management Systems

  • We operate with effective governance; maintain transparency, openness, fairness,
           and high standards of ethical behaviour.

  • We commit to scientific excellence, experiment with new ideas, and invest
           in research and development to provide innovative, high-quality medicines
           that address the unmet medical needs of patients.

  • We embrace a diverse workforce and maintain an inclusive work culture.

  • We encourage the preservation of natural resources and endeavor to minimize
           environmental impact of our operations and products.

  • We commit to being responsible citizens; support good work and charities,
           and bear our share of taxes.

  • We strive to attain the highest standards of scientific, business and
           personal integrity.

  • We commit to responsible procurement and supply chain, and thereby, encourage
           all our suppliers to emulate our Quality policy.

  • We commit to work as a team; be positive happy and share our knowledge; educate
           and mentor all people.
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