Future of Indian Pharmaceutical Exporters in this Decade

Do you want to be a big player in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

If your answer is YES, you might have come across a quote by Dr. Andrew Paul who has once stated that it is the drug industry which has full control over medical education, medical practice, it’s laws and even medical research. In the last few months, Indian pharmaceutical industry has rapidly grown and became a big preferred name for medicinal drugs since the onset of Covid-19 pandemic.

Pharma Exports from India

The pharmaceutical exporters in India have made a lot of money with the compulsion of remedies to Covid-19 and even other diseases in the last few years. As India is the home of ancient medicines, many pharmaceutical firms want to establish pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India. According to available data, the pharma exports from India, the industry’s ramped up medicines within short time and cost-effective price with quality generic supplies has made it achieve the tag” pharmacy of the world”.

According to reliable sources, the pharma exports from India are projected to grow at 11% in the next 2 years and reach mostly the size of over $60 billion in the next two years.

Experts on Pharmaceutical Products in India

It has been noted by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India that India produces 4 out of 10 generic medicines in the US. With stringent lockdowns being placed ever since the start of this unique disease for Covid-19 pandemic, the focus on producing medicines and increasing pharma exports from India became the centre point for India. The country being a home to ancient Ayurvedic medicines and a knowledge library for home remedies, is expected to grow by $120-130 billion by 2030.

Opportunities Visible in the Future

As the pharmaceutical products in India have a greater demand in the worldwide for this ongoing pandemic and various other diseases, Indian pharmaceutical industry has a very bright future. In the best-case scenario, there would be a growth in production and pharma exports from India due to following reasons:

  • Biosimilar wave

It is estimated by pharmaceutical exporters in India that by 2030, biosimilar market will be of worth $60 billion, out of which, India’s pharma industry will have a share of 13%

  • Innovative drugs and pain free remedies

The pharma exports from India are in transitional phase to build medicinal pipelines of innovative drugs and gene therapy market shall grow by 36% by 2025.

  • Indian Pharmaceuticals as World’s Reliable Drug Supplier

The unprecedented Covid-19 era has made India self-sufficient to manufacturer all types of pharmaceutical products, which increased her calls for pharma exports being one of the world’s reliable medicine suppliers.

  • Increasing Domestic consumption

The aging population and government schemes for senior citizens, makes Indian pharmaceutical industry as the sole option for citizens here and across the world.

  • Exclusivity Loss

Branded medicines and a global supply give chance to Indian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing companies a prime chance to establish themselves in the global market.

Why us?

Ciron Drugs has made a name in the Indian pharmaceutical industry as we manufacture niche products for various diseases using the latest machinery. We have a global outreach and supply our medicinal products to multiple clients, all over the globe. For any query or service regarding over pharma exports from India, do contact us.

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