Ophthalmic Treatment: Antibiotic + Anti-inflammatory Combination

Ophthalmic drugs have a different mode of action than other systemic drugs because they have a specific field of action. Medicines are often administered directly inside or around the eye for the most effective therapeutic effect.

This blog will discuss the utility of combination drugs that have antibiotic as well as anti-inflammatory action against eye disorders. Every pharmaceutical manufacturer in India has to follow strict guidelines while manufacturing combination medicines due to their delicate chemical nature. Ophthalmologists prescribe only scientifically tested safe drugs to treat their patients.

Common Ophthalmic Complaints

Vision is a great gift bestowed upon human beings, but we realize its value only when it gets affected. The slightest visual disturbance can make us restless and upset our daily routine. Eye disorders often warrant the use of more than one therapeutic agent for complete treatment. Let us get to know the common ophthalmic complaints for which a combination of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs may be needed.

  • Conjunctivitis:
    Conjunctivitis is an inflammatory and often infectious condition of the white part of our eye, also known as the conjunctiva. Your eyes may develop redness, swelling, and pain. A combination of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs works miraculously in treating conjunctivitis.
  • Foreign Body:
    It is common to develop pain and swelling of the eyes and blurred vision due to the lodging of a foreign body in the eyes. Pharma product manufacturers in India spend considerable time formulating an effective combination of drugs to treat such eye complaints.
  • Iris Or Corneal Infections:
    The iris is the colored circle present at the center of our eyes, and its transparent protective covering is the cornea. Infections of the iris and cornea are quite painful and can temporarily obscure patients’ vision. Iris and corneal infections are common and respond well to antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroids.

Doctors also prescribe a combination of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines to avoid health complications after eye surgery. The dosage of medicines depends on the patient’s age, body weight, general health, and diagnosis.

Treating Ophthalmic Symptoms

The nature of eye treatment depends solely on the intensity of the symptoms and a physician’s diagnosis. Ophthalmic cases classify as emergencies more often than other systemic disorders since they may cause varied levels of visual loss. Pharma companies in Mumbai manufacture ophthalmic medicines in form of eye drops, eye creams, injections or oral tablets and capsules.

Pharmaceutical workers do not have the liberty to change the chemical composition of any drugs. They have to use the standard formula and work in a controlled environment while manufacturing, packaging, and handling pharma products.

Specific rules and regulations control the manufacturing, distribution, and prescription of ophthalmic drugs. Flouting any of these rules may lead to strong action against the responsible parties. Patients are advised to consume ophthalmic medicines with great caution, since overuse could be damaging to their health.

Ophthalmic Treatment Solutions for Better Eye Care

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