Things you need to know about Generic Pharma Drugs

A generic drug can be defined as a “copy” of a brand name drug. The active ingredient or drug content is identical or “bioequivalent,” and works in the body the same way as the brand name drug The generic drugs should use the same active ingredients as the ones in the brand name drugs. Higher costs do not necessarily mean better quality. Generics- a lower cost alternative are helpful in universalizing the access to medicines. 

According to FDA, the generic drug must compulsorily have the following similarities:

  • Strength
  • Dosage
  • Safety
  • The way it should be consumed
  • The way it is used
  • The health condition that it treats

Are Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs Safe & Effective?

According to the FDA, all drugs, including brand name drugs and generic drugs, must work well with patients, must do the job of treating the disease and at the same time, should also be safe. There are a lot of people who remain worried about the quality, safety and authenticity of generic drugs and it is for that reason, FDA puts all the generic drugs through a strict review process, which also includes a review of the main scientific information of the generic pharmaceutical drugs. It is extremely important to note that many generic medications produced by formulation pharma companies are manufactured under the license of the manufacturer of the original brand name product, so they are effective and safe.

How do you know if there is a generic alternative for your brand prescription?

To find out if there is a generic equivalent for your brand drug, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Mumbai recommend ask your doctor or pharmacist about it and they will give you the right advice whether proper generic alternative for your pharmaceutical drug is available or not.  

Are all brand drugs available in generic form?

No, not all Pharmaceutical Formulation Companies in India manufacture a generic version. Some drugs are prepared for purpose of extreme patient safety and therefore a generic version of that particular pharmaceutical drug cannot be manufactured.

Why are the names of the generic pharma drug so different from the brand name?

Usually a pharmaceutical drug has a chemical name, generic name and a brand name. When a pharmaceutical drug is first discovered, it is given a chemical name. The generic names are complicated and harder to remember than the brand name.

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