Effective Tips for Healthy Eyes

Always Wear UV Protection Sunglasses

Yes! Always keep a pair of sunglasses handy with you. UV blocking sunglasses delay the development of cataract in your eyes. They protect your eyes from retinal damage and also work as guard for your delicate eyelids.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has been long known for causing lung cancer, heart disease as well as eye cancer. Smoking also leads to dry eye syndrome which means insufficient tears on the surface of the eyes, tears are extremely important to keep your eyes lubricated, moist and healthy.

Eat Right      

Vitamin deficiency can impair your retinal function. As much as you are fond of juicy meat items, you cannot exclude green leafy vegetables from your diet. The old belief that carrots are good for your eyes is true and you should try and include them in your salads, Sunday roasts and also in your grilled meat platter.

Take Good Care of your Contact Lens

Follow your ophthalmologist’s instructions regarding the use and care of contact lens. Eye Drops Manufacturers in India say that you should never ever sleep with your contact lens and also don’t forget to use a proper solution to clean them (avoid saline and water at all costs)

Did you know?

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The Eye Fatigue Issue  

If you do desk job and sit hours on the computer then it is very natural that you will suffer from eye fatigue at some point. Lack of sleep, tiredness and mental stress can also lead to eye fatigue. Sleep as much as possible, perform yoga and simple vision improvement exercises to keep your eyes in good and healthy shape.

Early Intervention

Never ever ignore the symptoms of eye strain, infection and of course eye itching. Consult a good eye doctor and try and avoid over-reliance on home remedies.

Be Aware of your Family History  

Some eye problems are because of genetic reasons and for that you need to be aware of your family history. According to Formulation Pharma Companies, genetic eye disorders do not get cured so easily, but still if you follow all the instructions clearly and stay persistent then surely you will find relief from the condition.

Include Sweet Potatoes in your Diet

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium and fiber are all essential to keep your eyes healthy and nourished.   

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