Do Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs Compromise on Quality?

Generic drugs are usually the copy of the brand-name drugs with exact same properties, side-effects, dosage forms, strengths and pharmacological effects of that of their brand-name counter-parts.

Explaining Generic Pharmaceutical Drug with an Example

Glucophage is an example of an effective pharmaceutical drug which treats diabetes, drug comes under the category of brand-name drug while Metformin tablet manufactured by Ciron, Top Tablet Manufacturers in India… is its generic counterpart.

Many people become a bit skeptical about generic drugs. The questions that the relatively cheaper drugs would be effective or not? Or are generic drugs harmful? Always linger on their minds and they are always worried about the effectiveness of those generic pharmaceutical drugs. They also wonder about whether the quality has been compromised on by Formulation Companies in India while manufacturing relatively inexpensive pharmaceutical drugs. One of the main reasons why generic drugs aren’t that expensive is because sometimes the company doesn’t spend too much on marketing or probably doesn’t have the resources required for marketing.

Busting Myths Related to Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs

There is no truth to the myth that generic drugs are manufactured in poorer conditions as compared to brand-name drugs. Generic drugs are also not of inferior quality as some people think of it to be. The same FDA standards and rules apply to the manufacturing of generic drugs as that to of brand-name drugs. There are a lot of Pharma Product Manufacturing companies in India that manufacture both brand-name and generic pharmaceutical drugs. The FDA statistics suggest that around 50% of the brand-name pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing companies manufacture high-quality generic drugs. There is also this myth that generic drugs take time to work on your body, in fact both brand-name and generic drugs take the same amount of time to heal and treat you.

Sometimes, generic pharmaceutical drugs may have different colors, coatings, the inactive ingredients & flavor combinations may differ, but in no way are they less effective than brand-name drugs.

Growing Demand for Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs in the Market

The demand for generic pharmaceutical drugs is high since the past many years now and this rise in the market share will continue in the coming years too. Older patients suffering from chronic diseases are most of the times dependent on generic pharma drugs to heal them and this is one among the many reasons why the demand for these drugs is always high.

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