Fighting Serious Viral Infections with Antivirals

Viruses are very tiny germs that are made up of genetic material inside of protein coating. Viruses cause infectious diseases like common cold, flu and warts and other severe diseases include the Ebola, HIV/AIDS and Smallpox.

More than 200 viruses are known to cause different type of viral infections, it’s the type of infections that can sideline you from your normal daily activities for weeks or even months. 

A viral fever can make the person feel fatigued, irritable and achy, most of the times the patients are advised to stay indoors and opt for the complete bed rest formula.

Did you know?

Both children and adults with asthmatic issues are more prone to viral infections than other individuals. Formulation Companies in India say that antivirals are also sometimes prescribed to prevent the spread of flu.

What are the symptoms of common viral infections?

  • Runny nose
  • Nausea
  • Body aches
  • Coughing  

Antivirals to fight the Viral infections:

Normal antibiotics don’t work against common cold, flu and extreme viral infections and that’s when your doctor prescribes the antivirals. The aim of all antivirals is to minimize the symptoms and shorten the duration of your illness. Acyclovir and Ganciclovir are two prime examples of the most effective antiviral injections manufactured by Ciron Pharma- A renowned Injection Manufacturing Company in India. These antivirals work against the dangerous virus infections, they help fight the flu by binding to an enzyme in the virus so the infectious parts of the virus, called virions, cannot be released. Always keep in mind that antivirals are those pharma product manufacturing drugs that should not be taken without prescription by an expert.

Importance of a Healthy Immune System:

The immune system in your body is your natural defense system, it is an intricate network of cells, tissues and organs that bind together and tactfully defend your body against the invaders. A strong immune system will always attack the viral particles at some stage of the infection, whereas the weak immune system will meekly submit themselves to the viral infections and let them attack your body internally.  

When your immune system is working properly, this elaborate defense system can keep health problems ranging from cancer to the common cold at bay.

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