Fungal Infections - Types, Symptoms, and Treatments

People have been affected by various types of fungal infections for a long time since this pathogen can be found anywhere. According to medical experts, these infections occur when harmful fungi invade the body and are known to be contagious. Hence, treating these with the right pharmaceutical products in India is a must if the patient wants to recover fast from the illness. Let us understand more about these fungal infections in detail through this blog.

What are fungal infections and their types?

An invading fungus takes over a specific part of the body which the individual’s immune system cannot suppress easily. As per the pharma product manufacturing companies and medical practitioners, it is a condition of fungal infection and is also referred to as mycosis. Even if most the fungus do not cause any harm to a human’s body, some of them are capable of prolonged sickness in people who have a weakened immune system. It can also affect the skin, and penetrate it, thereby internally damaging the organs to a great extent.

As per the available information from doctors and the pharma industry, the types of fungal infections are:

Athlete’s foot

1. Athlete’s foot

Also called tinea pedis, this occurs on the skin of feet, hands and even nails. This fungus is known to thrive in warm and humid areas between the toes and is said to be particularly common in athletes.

  • Symptoms:

Redness or blisters on the affected area, peeling or cracking of the skin, the skin may scale or even peel away, itching or burning sensations in the infected area

  • Treatment:

It is usually treated with topical antifungal ointments and in some cases with oral medication as per the need.

2. Yeast infection

Athlete’s foot

This is caused by the fungus named Candida Albicans. It can infect the patient’s skin, mouth and even the private parts like the urinary tract or genitals. The infection can even affect the gastrointestinal tract and is particularly common in women.

  • Symptoms:

Swelling, redness, itchiness, clumpy discharge and pain

  • Treatment:

This depends on what is the type of fungal infection. Thrush can be treated with oral drugs, pills or even mouthwash. The doctor can prescribe a cream, vaginal suppository or even pills for vaginal infections in the patients.

3. Ringworm


Also, called Tinea, this is an organism which can cause fungal infections on the scalp, face or even other parts of the body.

  • Symptoms:
    Red skin rashes which are circular and usually are picked from pets or contaminated places. The doctors suggest patients and other people keep their skin clean and dry. Also, as per them, you should avoid sharing personal items such as a comb, towel and even a hairbrush to prevent the spreading of the infection to other individuals.
  • Treatment:
    Creams and medication ointments along with basic hygiene is sufficient for this disease.

4. Jock itch

Jock itch

It is a fungal infection which affects the groin. It can cause a red, itchy rash for both genders and usually happens because of sweating or humid weather. Doctors advise wearing comfortable and fresh clothes for this type of infection.  

  • Symptoms:

Changes in skin colour, redness, itchiness, burning, cracking skin, immense pain on the rash when the individual does exercise

  • Treatment:

Keep the area clean. Apply OTC antifungal cream, powder or spray

5. Fungal infection of the nail or onychomycosis  

Fungal infection of the nail or onychomycosis

It starts as a small spot on the nail and can change the colour as well as the structure of the part. This can cause the nail to become thicker and even more brittle.

  • Symptoms:

White or yellow streaks under the nail, crumbling of the nail, scaling under the nail, thickness or brittleness of the nail

  • Treatment:

The doctor can prescribe a nail lacquer that is usually brushed on the patient’s nail or antibiotic medication.

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