Lyophilized Injection - A Modern Approach Of Injectable Dosage Form

Doctors have a great knowledge of handling every type of patient and are known to strive for the best for them till their last stage. This includes the patients who are in the last stage of their life and have been under treatment for many years. The lyophilized injection has become a good alternative for the medication dosage for bed-ridden patients. According to available data from lyophilized injection manufacturers in India, these injections are used extensively to improve stability among them and are considered to be a boon for patients whose movements have been restricted due to their prolonged illness.

What is Lyophilization? 

According to the manufacturer of formulated products, Lyophilization is considered to be an important technique for pharmaceutical products in India. This technique is said to be an important development by pharmaceutical manufacturers as it enhances the shelf lives of the powdered formulation of the medicines. In this, the water is removed from the medical products to ensure they are not perishable and will last for a longer duration which is necessary for transportation of the drugs to long distant places. Furthermore, as per the data available from the lyophilized injection manufacturers in India, these injectable biopharmaceuticals are considered to be a prominent part of the pharmaceutical products in India for patients suffering from long term illnesses. Hence, the drug value of the lyophilized product has grown substantially for patients with reduced mobility. It gives them maximum bioavailability, patient compliance and improved stability.

The manufacturer of the formulated product says that in lyophilization, there is a transition from solid to gaseous phase without first becoming a liquid. Furthermore, for this process to happen, the pharmaceutical manufacturers have to ensure there is a low-pressure environment for the formulation of the injection composition. 

Advantages of Lyophilization

The lyophilized injection manufacturers in India have listed a few advantages of this technique used for the medicine. As per the manufacturer of formulated products, the advantage of this technique as compared to other drying and preserving techniques in the pharmaceutical industry are:

  1. Lyophilization is considered to be an ideal method for drying heat sensitive products 
  2. This process reduces the weight of the medical products which makes them easier to transport that is considered to be an important quality for the pharmaceutical products in India 
  3. It assists in maintaining chemical reagent and biochemical quality. Also, the process enhances the medical product’s stability in a dry state 
  4. This lyophilization process ensures faster sterility of the product and gives faster freedom from foreign particles. 
  5. The manufacturer of the formulated product says that these lyophilized products must be sealed in an atmosphere that nitrogen to minimize the detrimental effects on the medicine. 

Where to buy it?

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