Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Pharma Industry’s Action Plan

Countries across the world are suffering a major public health threat due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The scientific community deliberately needs to take active measures to respond to the life-threatening challenges of the pandemic.

The deepest concern that pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic is insufficient knowledge. Until now, no effective cure or vaccine has been developed. However, active and rigorous research & development in pharma industry is being conducted to combat the serious condition the world is suffering from.

Pharmaceutical industries across the world have sped up their efforts and developed the understanding of the virus strain. Medicines suspected to treat coronavirus have been put into large scale production and clinical trials are being conducted around the globe. Various vaccines claiming to be a cure for the virus are under development or being tested.

The pharma industry is operating under the intense pressure of restrictions and expectations for fighting serious viral infections which have affected billions of lives globally. Pharma industry globally has responded with around 400 clinical research trials being registered. 25 vaccine trials and 130 antiviral studies are being conducted to develop a cure or vaccine for the virus.

Several pharma manufacturing companies in India have reviewed their portfolios to detect whether any research could be of help in this situation. Bringing new medicines to the patients can take years. However, this pandemic stands in the need to have a cure at the earliest.

To aid the accelerated development or medicines and cure, regulatory authorities have granted measures. Various drug analyses are being carried on since the outset of the pandemic to search for potentially useful ones to fight against the virus.

The pharmaceutical companies have swiftly collaborated and involved in fast-track research and development of new vaccines or medicines. Recently, AbbVie announced that it is partnering with global authorities to ascertain the effectiveness of HIV drugs and a potential cure for Coronavirus.

The research and development teams of AstraZeneca have been endlessly working towards the clinical trial evaluation to identify the monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, GSK has also entered into research efforts through new collaborative efforts.

Johnsons and Johnsons declared their selection of vaccine candidates from its constructs. They have been working on it since January 2020. Alongside Takeda announced its initiative of a drug development to treat coronavirus and Novartis declared about its entering into the new collaborative research efforts.

The drastic increase and spread demand a cure soon otherwise the world will have to face severe consequences. The pharmaceutical industry is working endlessly on its research and development to find a cure or develop an effective vaccine against Novel Coronavirus.

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