Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Pharma Industry's R&D Efforts

The pandemic that has recently engulfed the world has put everyone’s attention towards the pharmaceutical companies, and especially towards research & development in Pharma industry. Everyone is pinning their hopes on these companies and their research and development departments who have, over the years, unveiled their innovative mettle and mesmerized the world with cutting-edge curatives to treat the world’s oldest and most stubborn ailments.

Many major multinational pharmaceutical companies are rushing to develop therapies with the potential to completely cure the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Although, there are already drugs in existence made for and approved by the Chinese government for use in cases where patients have experienced their lungs’ capacity failing due to the COVID-19 infection. Some of these drugs have proven to be quite effective in emergency cases when other options did not show any improvements.

The pharmaceutical industry has so far have put their best foot forward, utilized their best resources and have shown noble intentions in combating the disease and fighting serious viral infections. Despite all of these efforts, the industry is experiencing a lot of disruption due to the outbreak. Disruption in research due to various reasons. Disruption in patients arriving for clinical trials because of the travel arrest. And disruption in accessing the resources to be used in the development of lifesaving drugs.

In addition to the interlude in research and development and the nationwide lockdowns in place, there are a number of other major pharmaceutical events, medical conferences, and international expositions which have been either cancelled or postponed or turned completely into digital events – where participants join the proceedings through teleconference or other digital means. Maybe it’s the sign of things to come; when in future all international conferences and events would take place digitally. No need to cross the seas or stay at hotels for days.

But, in these challenging times, there is some positive news coming from different corners of the world. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed to invest $125 million through one of its consortia to expedite the reach of medicines that can mitigate the coronavirus pandemic. Along with that, the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative, known also as IMI, is providing up to €45 million, which is around $50 million, towards funding research and development of a highly potent coronavirus therapy. Pharma manufacturing companies in India are leading the world in this endeavor and have been an inspiration for their innovative, ultra-efficient and supremely affordable output.

As the world battles this deadly disease, which has been especially brutal for people aged 60 and beyond, it’s time for humanity to pause and reflect on its actions. The pollution levels in many of the world’s most polluted cities have come down drastically. The skies are clearer and the air is more breathable. Many animals are now reclaiming the lands once lost to humans. Nature has got its big break. Not to state, innumerable other consequences that have impacted the world in a good way!

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