Generic Medicine Export From India

Medicines have been a part and parcel of human lives for a long time. India is a well-known nation in the pharmaceutical industry which has been supplying all types of pharmaceutical products to the world. According to the available information, it has one of the largest pharmaceutical industries which contributes to pharma exports from India to supply generic medicines to many countries in the world. 

What are generic medicines?

As per a medicine manufacturer in India, generic medicines and even vaccines are copies of the original drugs for a particular disease or illness which come at lower prices. The pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India take appropriate care to manufacture these medicines with their given dosage, method of intake and even the chemical composition. These drugs have the same benefits, quality and even side effects as the original medicine but under a different brand name. Even if their price is low, it does not mean these drugs are less effective. 

Export of generic medicines

According to the available information, the pharma exports from India are heavily dominated by generic drugs. These drugs manufactured by the top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India constitute nearly 70% of the global market. Furthermore, India is one of the largest exporters of these medicines as generic drugs make up to 22% of the total export volume. The reason behind this is the manufacturing cost of these drugs is comparatively less in our country than in other nations in the world. Hence, we supply generic medicines to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Nigeria, Russia, and South Africa. 

As per the information from trusted sources, even the Medical Council India (MCI) for popularizing the use of these drugs. It has even urged doctors and other medical practitioners to give generic drugs in patient prescriptions. 

How to export medicine from India?

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, then you should know the steps related to pharma exports from India. A medicine manufacturer in India first needs to apply for IEC which is the Import Export Code number. He should sign a contract with the importers of other nations who are interested in receiving these generic drugs. He should register the product with the country where the medicine will be exported and get approval for its export from the Drug Controller General of India (DGI). Furthermore, the packaging of these products needs to provide proper proforma information about product cost, package and flight details. The manufacturer should then select an appropriate shipping method before sending the invoice to the client. The customs clearance will be done for both the sides after appropriate paperwork procedure has been completed by the supplier. 

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